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Best Children Roller Skates – Epic Skates Star Kids Quad Roller Skates Review 2018

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Is your junior champ’s birthday in next couple of week and you wanted to surprise s/he ?? Then I could suggest a surprising gift. I am sure this gift will feel your kid so special and you will be also happier to feeling this moment. It is an Epic Skates Star Kids Quad Roller Skates. It is not only Roller Skates but a strong beginning for the star kids who are the newbie in skating. It is also recommended as a Best Children Roller Skates.

Children Roller Skates Quad Roller Skates Black

Introductory Of Epic Skates Star Kids Quad Roller Skates – Best Children Roller Skating Fitness Toy For Champs =>

If you think to entertain your kids with sports, Quad Roller Skates are the more excellent option, you can choose it with out any hesitation. Do you know, Roller skating is the coolest way to combine fitness with fun ?  Children of this generation are not ambitious to do regular workout programs what they needed.  A regular skating can help them to keep fit with entertainment, so you should grab it for your children roller skating.

Why Do You Choose This Quad Roller Skates ??

Although we might confuse with brands and price variability of different products in the market, I personally suggest this product. If you are looking for Quad Roller Skates type, you can choose this product without any doubt. Because after using you think it is the best children roller skate.

Now the question is, what are Quad Roller Skates ? It is a rink style skate. It has 4 wheels. 2 in the front and 2 in the back. Quad Roller Skates are usually more stable than inline skates because they have bigger footprints to stand on.

Children Roller Skates Quad Roller Skates Pink

Why Quad Roller Skates Is Best For Children Skating ??

First I would like to tell about the Main Feature of this product. It is strength and comfort that you can find this product only. Each part of this skate is made brilliantly with the advance newest technology.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Quad Roller Skates Features” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#98e088″ border=”#000000″]
  1. Boots.
  2. Plates.
  3. Wheels.
  4. Toe Stops.
  5. Bearing.
  6. Laces.
  7. Colors & Size.
  8. Price.

Children Roller Skates Quad Roller Skates Black 1

Here I Describe This Quad Roller Skates Features :

Let’s go I am introduce the small review of each part :

Boots :

  • Consist of Epic Star has comfortable padded collar. Not only has this it increased the ankle support by providing Classic high-top style.

Plates :

  • Its plates is made of Epic Nylon. It also gives the user awesome incredible feeling. It is also best for double action trucks. That’s why children skating frequently.

Wheels :

  • You cannot believe, that it has quad roller skate wheels. The wheel is comfortable for both indoor & outdoor and even rough surfaces. If wheels break down, easy to remove and replace new one. Wheels are also available. You can change it yourself.

Toe Stops :

  • It has amazing Non-adjustable / Non-marking Toe Stops with the rubber compound.

Bearing :

  • Bearing is one of the base part of wheels. It has precision making bearing with ABEC-3, 8 mm axle size. If bearing become jammed you can change it easily.

Laces :

  • It comes with 2 pairs of laces. So, if one pair is lost or torn you can use straight forwardly another pair.

Colors & Size :

  • Epic star skates are in 2 colors [ Black with White and Pink with White ]
  • It has nearly 5 sizes [ 1-13 ] available for different ages of people.
  • You can get Full Black 4 sizes available, Pink with White 3 sizes available available.

Price :

  • Price of this skates is so reasonable that Parents & Grandparents can afford easily.


Now are you thinking to order the product ! Are not you ?  All Epic products are accurate with the sizes. So, you don’t have to think more about sizes, all products are perfect in sizes, need no worries about size, just put down your leg size from pop up menu.

Children Roller Skates Quad Roller Skates Pink 1

I Express Here The Advantage & Disadvantage Of This Epic Skates Star Quad Roller Skates :

Advantage of Quad Skates :

1. Best Roller Skates :

  • You cannot believe, quad skates provides highest quality star roller skates and accessories at the lowest possible prices.
  • With this product, Epic quad skates increases public awareness of roller skating to a healthy, active lifestyle and all of the benefits of health.

2. Perfect Shape & Stunning Look :

  • The shapes of the skate are absolutely perfect. It has build Toe-stops that user can turn around easily.
  • I guarantee, your kid will feel affection for it’s dazzling look.

3. Great For Indoor / Outdoor Sport Activities :

  • Your child can enjoy skating in both inside playground or the outside field.
  • The wheels of this product is suitable to everywhere.

Disadvantage of Quad Skates :

  • You might feel less wheel speed at the beginning.
  • Not suitable for inline Boot users.

 Final Verdict :

Finally, I feel skating is the brilliant procedure to enjoy games and strength. In accession if you wish for both with a reasonable price, please order Epic Quad Roller Skates now. Undoubtedly you will purchase the best quality roller skate for your little children skating, I have ever seen.

Are you ready to order now ?? If you wants to know more about Best Quad Roller Skates for children skating. Please click below Button. Thanks For Reading.

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2 different colors Of this –

Epic Skates Star Kids Quad Roller Skates :

Black Version – Best Roller Skates For Sweet Boy

Pink Version – Best Roller Skates For Sweet Princess

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