Best Roller Skates For Kids – Quad Speed Skates Review

Best Roller Skates For Kids – Epic Skates Galaxy Elite Kids Quad Speed Skates Review 2018

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Are you getting worried about buying new skates for your little cuties? And you are confused with lots of brands, colors, and prices ? So You must consider to buy Best Roller Skates For Kids. Well, you don’t need to think more. Because, I thought Epic Skates Galaxy Quad Speed Skates is one of the Best Roller Skates For Your Toddler. You are in the right places to get proper guideline about this product.

Quad Speed Skates Roller Skates For Kids by Epic Black

Product Introduction Epic Skates Galaxy Quad Speed Skates – Best Roller Skates For Champs =>

Here I am introducing with the new Epic Quad Speed Skates For Kids by Epic. Probably, you saw some other brands before today, but did you got which is light weight, best comfort, durability all together in one pair of skates ? I am sure your answer will be ‘No’. In fact, you may not thinking of that you will get all in one in one pair.

But I can certainly tell you it is possible in only for Epic Skates in Galaxy Elite Quad Speed Skates Kids version. This is one of the Best Roller Skates For Kids. You will absolutely love this product without any doubt.

Why Do You Choose This Epic Galaxy Quad Speed Skates ??

You will be stunned to know that Epic is working more than 60 years in the Roller Skate market. They promises to provide you the Top Quality Roller Skates for all types of people. Not only Skates but also – Knee Pads, Wrist Guards, Helmets, Knee Gaskets, Mouth Guards, Elbow Pads are also excellent accessories product of Epic Company.

This company specially launched Epic Quad Speed Skates for kids who want more enjoy within a reasonable price. Let see why this so extra ordinary.

Why Quad Speed Skates Is Best Roller Skates For Kids ??

  1. Skates Parts.
  2. Wheels.
  3. Laces.
  4. Plates.
  5. Bearings.
  6. Boots.
  7. Size and Colors.
  8. Price.

Quad Speed Skates Roller Skates For Kids by Epic Pink

Here I Describe The Quad Speed Skates Features

  • Skates Parts
  • Wheels
  • Laces
  • Plates
  • Bearings
  • Boots
  • Size and Colors
  • Price

Now I describe each parts of features :

Skates Parts :

  • Knowledge of skate parts are essential before buying. Generally, we just don’t think about what it takes to build roller skates, but it is important to know.

Wheels :

  • It includes Epic Galaxy Indoor / Outdoor Wheels. It has Non-adjustable / Non-marking Toe Stops.

Laces :

  • Laces are come with 2 pairs each. If one pair becomes unusable or torn you can easily use the other one. You don’t have to pay extra for that. But laces colors depend on the shoe colors.

Plates :

  • It also got Lightweight Nylon plates. You can use it for different action trucks. This plate helps to move smoothly, which is best children roller skating skate.

Bearings :

  • It consists of Epic ABEC – 3 bearing which is 8 mm Axle size. The bearings are precision speed and move the wheels well even in rough places. which is really good for children roller skating.

Boots :

  • Boots are designed to comfortable padded and followed mid top boot design. It has Man-made colorful uppers and adjustable speed strap.

Size and Colors :

  • Eye catchy design & colors.
  • It has got 9 different sizes [1-13] with 3 different colors.
  • Epic skates run true to sizes.
  • It is available in – Full Black 9 sizes available, Pink with White 7 sizes available, and Purple with White 5 sizes available.

Price :

  • The price is affordable that you can easily purchase this skates.

Quad Speed Skates Roller Skates For Kids by Epic Purple

What else You ask more ??

I Represent Here The Positive & Negative Things For This Epic Galaxy Quad Speed Skates For Kids

Positive & Negative Things Of Quad Speed Skates

Positive Things :

  1. Highly Supportive :

Epic designed the Elite Kids skates under the consideration of ankle support and comfortable. The mid-top parts give the easy going service to the kids while the low-top boot works as a protection.

  1. Great Fit and Good Style :

It is fitted for any ages [ from baby to teenagers even senior citizen ] with its Comfortable Padded Collar. It has a superb color combination with gorgeous style.

  1. Flexible For Indoor & Outdoor :

Due to Polyurethane Quad Roller Skate wheels, it provides extra relieve and flexibility in both Indoor/Outdoor activities.

  1. Best Choice For Beginners :

Beginners are always welcome to choose this. In fact, I could say if the beginners concerned to learn skating quickly and easily, this product will be best for them.


Negative Things :

  1. While using it first time you might feel a little bit stiff.
  2. Wheels might feel slightly tight at first couple of days.

Final Verdict :

Finally, I would suggest go for something which can make your kids smiley face. They can say to their friends that, their parents have gifted them the best roller skate in the market. Indeed, Epic Galaxy Quad Speed Skates for kids might give you that satisfaction and make you and your child pleased & smiling face.

So, ready for order now ?? If you have to know more about Best Roller Skates For Kids. Please click below Button. Thanks For Reading.

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3 different colors Of this –

Epic Skates Galaxy Elite Kids Quad Speed Skates for Kids :

Black Version – Best Roller Skates For Sweet Boy

Pink Version – Best Roller Skates For Sweet Princess

Purple Version – Best Roller Skates For Sweet Girl

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