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Electric Skateboard Tips

How To Maintain Your Electric Skateboard Easy Tips & Tricks

Electric skates are very fun to use, but they also require regular maintenance in order to remain at the peak of their performance. Today we’re going to talk about some of the easiest and most convenient tips and tricks regarding electric skateboard maintenance. Clean your e-skate thoroughly with a dry […]

Best Roller Skates For Men

Top 11 Best Roller Skates For Men

Apart from the fact that roller skating is extremely fun, it’s also very beneficial to your health. Today we’re going to talk about roller skates for men and some of the fun facts and health benefits you might have not known about: 1. Roller skating activates a variety of your […]

Best K2 Inline Skates Review

Best K2 Inline Skates Review

Inline skating becomes a favorite sport to girls nowadays. With the rapid adaptation of this habit, the amount of female in this part became huge. Girls have lighter body fitness and more patience than boys according to physical science. Most of the time, as a girl you are very careful […]

Rollerblade Twister 80

Top 5 Best Urban Inline Skates

We like speed when we are doing something maybe that will be skating. From the front line of skating every racer or skater like to make more speed. Why they want it? The answer is simple “they like to be faster”. So to be faster in skating you always wants […]