Best Electric Skateboard For College Commuting

Top 5 Best Electric Skateboard For College Campus Commuting

If you’re living on campus, you probably know how chaotic it can get. Having to rush from one end of your college campus to the other, can take up some time.

As a freshman, to find your way around, you constantly need to have some extra time to spare. The worst part of it is- you have to carry some pretty heavy things while rushing; your books, laptop or even some extra gear if you have additional activities.

So, if you are wondering how to pick the best electric skateboard for college campus , don’t stress, we covered everything you need to know!

Finding the proper transportation and getting on class in time can often be a drag; so why not invest in a top electric skateboard?

It doesn’t matter if you are already a skater or not, because the skateboards on our list are all motorized and simple to use. A top electric skateboard falls in the category of a personal transporter. It is based on the same old skating board, but also, it uses an inbuilt weight sensor controls or a throttle which allows you to manually control the speed.

Best Electric Skateboard For College Campus

To adjust your travel directions you simply need to tilt the board to one side, no multitasking involved! It is super convenient to use, and it can save you a lot of that much needed time.

Top 5 Best Electric Skateboards For College Students

  • BOOSTED Electric Skateboard
  • AZBO
Product Title
Off Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control - 3300W...
AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control -...
Product Image
Off Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control - 3300W...
AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control -...
Product Title
Off Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control - 3300W...
Product Image
Off Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control - 3300W...
Product Title
AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control -...
Product Image
AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control -...

Now that we’ve gone over all of the different aspects of buying a good campus commute skateboard, we’ll have a look at our top 5 picks in this category. Take a gander at the boards we’ve reviewed below!

#1. Evolve Skateboards USA – Carbon Electric Skateboard

There isn’t much of a chance you won’t be utterly satisfied upon buying the Evolve GT Carbon series electric skateboard. Evolve is known for its extremely solid and strong construction; which is no wonder, if you look at the premium build quality that these skateboards boast.

No products found.


  • ●    12-mile range; may vary in regards to riding style, terrain and weight of the rider
  • ●    25 mph top speed, depending on terrain and weight of the rider
  • ●    Great performance on versatile terrains
  • ●    Capable of going uphill at a solid gradient
  • ●    Excellent remote controls

As we’ve already talked about in great detail – when you’re choosing an electric skateboard, you want to be certain that the material of the board is of fine quality. After all, even a cheap board is no small investment, so you don’t want to constantly face maintenance hurdles.

And with this top electric skateboard, you’ll have no such issues. Its deck was built using Canadian maple hardwood, as well as quality bamboo materials. With that in mind, a smooth glide is guaranteed once you hop on.

While the power of the board may not be that important for a campus commute; this baby still packs quite a punch with a strong 3,000-watt motor. You definitely won’t be disappointed with the speeds it can reach.

And if you think that such a strong skateboard has to be rigid and hefty, you’d be dead wrong. One of its great features is its small weight, of only about 17 lbs. It’s something that helps this model stand out against the competition, as its both fairly light and extremely powerful.

Plus, you can use it for more than just getting around campus. This is a top electric skateboard you can have real adventures with. For example, it’s more than capable of going up a fairly steep hill; it boasts a 25% hill grade. The wheels were also well-manufactured, allowing for the softness and durability you’re undoubtedly looking for.

The premium quality wheels allow you to reach the skate’s maximum range in a single charge; a whooping 21 miles! And once you use up a charge, you’ll find that filling it up is no hassle at all.

The battery takes no more than three hours to recharge. All in all, there aren’t many downsides to this model. It’s one of the best premium skateboards you’ll find today; with an LCD screen, you can operate using a remote control, boasting indicators for battery and speed.


  • ●    Lightweight and easily portable, due to the maple and bamboo hardwood deck
  • ●    Top speed of 25 mph
  • ●    3000-watt motor
  • ●    Stable foundation


  • ●    Steep price; one of the more expensive models on the market.

This Evolve is Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard

No products found.

#2. AZBO Best Off Road Electric Skateboard

Speaking of skateboards you can use both for your campus commute and outdoor fun; here’s a great model that’s more than capable of traversing any terrain. The AZBO Top Electric Skateboard has a great design, which allows for an amazing performance. This interesting design features one highly distinctive features compared to most of its peers: perfect off-road wheels.

Off Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control - 3300W...
39 Reviews
Off Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control - 3300W...
  • Cruise & Climbe - AZBO E-Skateboard has pneumatic...
  • Wireless Remote - Rechargeable wireless remote...
  • Speed & Range - You can reach a maximum speed of...

These will allow you to handle any kind of terrain out there. There’s no muddy grass, pothole, or gravel road that will present difficulties to you. Compared to a traditional best electric longboards, you’ll find this AZBO model feels a lot more dynamic; allowing you to be completely free when it comes to choosing your road.

Plus, the remote control has a handy finger ring, that allows holding it both firmly and naturally at the same time. The entire board is designed to provide you with an easy ride in tough terrain; you can change the speed without any difficulties in the middle of the ride.

If this wasn’t designed so well, the deceleration and acceleration would be far more bumpy, seeing as it’s an offroad board. Somehow, though, the AZBO manages to maintain a great balance between comfort and gritty off-road experience.

Best Electric Skateboard Under 1000


  • ●    Pneumatic tire wheels
  • ●    25 mph speed
  • ●    Northeast maple deck
  • ●    3 hour charge time

What differentiates this board from most of the similar models is its amazingly sturdy deck. The AZBO Electric Skate is designed with a maple deck that gives it far more strength than other off-road skateboards. Plus, the surface of the board is of premium quality, with a waterproof coating that’s also designed to prevent any slipping.


  • ●    One year warranty, which guarantees that you won’t be bothered with maintenance
  • ●    Amazing stability provided by a sturdy deck
  • ●    Top speeds in extremely versatile terrain


  • ●    While great in all terrains, something of an overkill for a campus commute skateboard

More AZBO Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

#3. AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard

If you believed that AZBO only had great electric skateboards for off-road experiences, you couldn’t be more wrong. As we’ve mentioned just now, buying the offroad skateboard may be too much for you if you’re only looking to get around your college campus.

In that case, a simpler solution may be what you want. And that’s exactly what the AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard gives you!

AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control -...
12 Reviews
AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control -...
  • [DURABLE & STABLE] AZBO skateboards have this...
  • [WIRELESS REMOTE] Rechargeable wireless remote...
  • [SPEED & RANGE] You can reach a maximum speed of...


  • ●    A deck manufactured from northeast maple, and with 8 layers
  • ●    1000-watt motor
  • ●    Battery charge time of 2 hours
  • ●    A maximum speed of 25 mph
  • ●    Maximum weight capacity of 270 lbs

This top electric skateboard has an interesting shape, that allows all users to have a responsive and simultaneously extremely comfortable platform. It strikes an important balance between the dynamic and the firm.

Also, it sports a cool wireless remote control system, which allows for smooth speed changing in the middle of the ride. The battery is a bit smaller than some of the other models, but it does have a shorter charge time as well. Plus, there’s a one-year warranty that comes with each purchase. If there are any defects with your skateboard, you’ll be able to replace it easily. 


  • ●    Versatile board, that’s simultaneously sturdy
  • ●    Fast battery recharge
  • ●    Solid maximum weight capacity


  • ●    Relatively weak motor
  • ●    Smaller battery capacity

#4. Max find Max-4 Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard

Next up, we’ve got an interesting choice. Maxfind is an electric skateboard company that has a heavy focus on the future of skateboard usage in an urban environment.

They’ve got the future of city-dwelling in mind. And with the ever-increasing congestion in the bigger cities, Maxfind believes that electric skateboards will be of much use in the coming decades. That’s why they’ve strived to perfect the intricacies of electric skateboard design, with a couple of solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

No products found.

For example, they boast with the first electric skateboard which has a completely swappable battery. The company claims that changing its battery on this model takes no more than a couple of seconds.

So, for people who want to go on long-range rides that take more than one charge; just having a spare battery in their bags is a possibility. You can simply swap it in the middle of the street!


  • ●    Replaceable battery
  • ●    Well-protected motherboard
  • ●    Slick design
  • ●    Board with a carbon-fiber coating

As you might’ve guessed, the swappable battery is one of the key selling points of this board. You can get around 15 miles out of a single charge, but the fact that you can easily put in a new one is a great boon.

Also, surprisingly enough for an urban skateboard, this board handles itself amazingly well in steep terrain. Let’s just say this is one that you’ll be able to ride in San Francisco, as it can handle a hill gradient of 30%. Plus, it’s waterproof, though it’s not advised to submerge it in water completely.


  • ●    Swappable battery
  • ●    Solid hill-climbing ability
  • ●    Beautiful design


  • ●    Small battery capacity

No products found.

Best Electric Skateboard For The Money

#5. Teamgee Electric Skateboard / Longboard : Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard Under 500 & Best Skateboards For Beginners Adults

Lastly, we’ve got a simple, yet well-designed electric skateboard. The Teamgee H6 Electric Skateboard won’t turn too many heads in terms of exciting features, but it has something going for it; extreme reliability.

If you want a simple electric skateboard to help you make the trek over campus to your next class – this will get the job done. It will help you get everywhere much quicker, and it won’t break down after continued everyday usage. Plus, it has an eye-catching pintail design that’s bound to turn some heads even in a skate-heavy campus.

No products found.


  • ●    Top speed of 18.6 MPH
  • ●    Range of 11 miles
  • ●    760W Dual Motor

This isn’t an extremely powerful skateboard, that much is obvious right off the bat. Indeed, it’s the least powerful motor we’ve reviewed in this article.

However, simultaneously it’s also the best equipped if you’re only going to use it for college commutes. There’s no fuss or complicated controls with this one; just a straight-up minimalist design and a quality build.


  • ●    Solid build
  • ●    Quality materials
  • ●    Good for a college campus


  • ●    Small range
  • ●    Short battery life
  • ●    Not good for hill climbing

No products found.

Features To Look For In Electric Best Skateboard For College Campus

When you’re looking for the best electric skateboards for college, there are a lot of aspects to think about. And we’ve covered a lot of the stuff that makes for a great board up until now. To summarize, you need to consider:

1.    Size: Obviously, the board’s size is quite important, regardless of other features. The size will impact your handling on the board immensely, and it correlates to your height. The higher you are, the bigger the board you should be looking for.

2.    Speed: Depending on whether you want to get a dual or a single motor model, you’ll have wildly varying speeds. If you only intend to use this skateboard for getting around campus, this isn’t too much of an issue. Most people who get dual-motor boards expect to use them to go uphill; which probably won’t be too much of an issue for you.

3.    Battery Capacity: This is one of the most important features, and unlike most modes of transport, this battery isn’t measured in runtime but in miles instead. For people who intend to use their electric skateboard to get around town in general, this is important; you don’t want to get a skateboard that can’t handle at least 10 miles in one charge. On the other hand, if it’s just for the campus, that’s not such a big issue; as you’ll go across smaller distances and be able to charge it constantly.

4.    Wheels: Traditionally, most skateboard wheels are manufactured using rubber with a particularly high density. In this regard, the electric models aren’t that different. If you have the right wheels, even the additional weight of the motor won’t detract from the smooth gliding experience that riding a skateboard truly is.

5.    Brakes: As you may have noticed, many of the skateboard’s features become less important if you’re solely going to use it to get around your college campus. But that’s where the brakes differ – as this is important in any location and across any duration of use. And when it comes to the brakes, you’ll find that it’s not easy to conclude their quality until you’ve spent some time on the board. Depending on its charge level and the weight of the user, they could work better or worse.

6.    Weight: If you’re going to use the skateboard at college, one thing is certain; you’ll also spend quite a lot of time carrying it around. And let’s not forget the pesky business of going up your dorm’s stairs with a skateboard in hand. With that in mind, you don’t want to get a board that’s too hefty. Instead, go for something around 16 lbs at most, which you won’t have too much trouble with.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Electric Skateboard For College

Choosing the right electric skateboard doesn’t have to be hard; all it has to be is picked based on your needs-don’t just look for not the latest, best looking or cheapest boards on the market. There are some things you need to take into consideration, before making your decision.

Every campus is different, so your e-board needs to have the combination of features that are suited for your college terrain. We will mention the most important factors, and our top picks, when it comes to electric skateboards.


Although this may be the first factor that pops into your mind, it is not the most important one. To be honest, you will rarely go above 20mph on your college campus; not because there are no boards that can provide this, but because it’s not safe.

However, if you want to be fast and furious, rest assured that you can- the majority of electrical skateboards come with high top speeds of 20mph or more. Keep in mind that wearing the proper gear is essential and be sure of your abilities before hitting the top speed. 

You can also check if your campus has some speed restrictions, and in case you are not an experienced skater-train train!

Throttle response aka vehicle responsiveness

This is very important since it’s a measure of how quickly motor speed can increase upon your request. Having a smooth response is critical for your safety, and the safety of people around you.

If you know the precise time of your engine’s reaction you can smoothly navigate around campus- avoiding people, and responding correctly to traffic rules like red lights. Although the engine mostly determines the smoothness of controls, the weight of the board, it’s type and the size of the wheels can all influence the throttle response.

For example, some of the more robust skateboards have better vehicle responsiveness. However, the more robust an e-board is, the heavier it is; so it can prove to be somewhat hard to carry it around.

Battery Power

Needless to say, you want your battery to charge fast. Depending on your needs, you should consider the power of the battery pack. How big is the distance you need to cross; will you ride your skateboard every day; how much you have to wait for it to charge; these are all questions you should think about.

If you are going to ride your e-board for a longer period you should look for a proper battery pack. There are some alternative options as well- the detachable battery. Purchasing an electric skateboard with this option, allows you to leave one battery pack to charge; while you freely roam the college campus on your board.


Since you’ll probably be using your electric skateboard daily during three seasons, and sometimes during the winter, you need to excel at reliability. Unfortunately, being certain about this specific factor can be difficult, especially if you are buying a brand new electric skateboard.

As we mentioned above, we will provide a detailed review of some of our top picks; however, it can prove to be useful to take notes from multiple users of the products that made our list. You can skim through the users’ ratings on the reliability and endurance of the skateboards they purchased. Another thing to consider is the cooling solution.

Generally, cooling solutions used in the battery packs can affect the overall endurance of an e-board; since the deterioration of the motors and battery packs usually occurs when they heat up.


This an important factor- if you are shopping on a budget. There are a lot of electric skateboards available on the market; some of them are still in development and their manufacturers are already taking pre-orders, which means you can get a discount!

However, if you are in a hurry to buy an e-board asap, you can check the mass market; buying electronic devices online may seem scary, but if you know what you are buying it doesn’t have to be. Also, buying online can significantly lower the price of the product, compared to the prices in stores.

If you are not in a hurry to purchase your skateboard, you’re in luck; you can get a good deal if you choose a pre-order option!

The Torque

In physics, the torque is described as a measure of how much a force acting on an object causes that object to rotate. With this being said, you can imagine the importance of this factor for any electric skateboard.

It can determine the climbing performance of your board on steep terrains and it also influences the amount of weight that your skateboard will be able to carry. If you weigh on the medium end to the lower end of the BMI scale, you needn’t worry about your weight affecting the torque-most of electric skateboards are made for the average weight.

Moreover, if your weight is above average, you should look for a board with a higher torque capacity; otherwise, you’ll most likely end up unsatisfied with the performance of your e-board. Most boards end up performing substandardly when you overweight them.

You can check the maximum weight capacity of the board if you plan on carrying some additional weight on it- such as sports or LARP gear.

E-board’s Weight

Since you’ll be using a power skateboard on a college campus, it would be beneficial that it’s not too heavy to carry around. The weight and size of your board are directly influenced by its features.

For example, most larger boards come with a bigger battery charge capacity, but a top electric longboards is not well suited for a campus; with it, you won’t be able to move comfortably through crowds and traffic. On the other hand, if you opt for a small skateboard, you may not be able to cover the millage you could with a larger one.

Also, an extra small skateboard has a small surface, which means it can store a smaller battery- so you may find yourself having to charge it more frequently. So, you should balance your e-board’s weight with other features, like speed and battery power; look for a skateboard that can cover your personal, daily needs.

Terrain Type

When it comes to everyday use, the terrain shouldn’t be a concern. Most boards and longboards are designed for smooth riding and aren’t meant to be taken off-road. With that being said, power skateboards have inbuilt motors that can help you out when riding on unsteady terrain.

However, if you wish to go completely off-road there are electric off-road skateboards that are equipped with wheels and a proper engine that is capable of handling rougher rides. So, if you want to experiment with your e-board make sure to look for an all-terrain power skateboard, that will keep you safe during these rides.

Wheel Quality

Both the skateboards and its wheels are made of high-density rubber. So, when buying a proper set of wheels you should take into consideration your weight, the motor, and the terrain type; doing so, will give you that adequate bounce and help you glide smoothly.

If you want to cover rougher areas look for bigger and stronger wheels of different sizes. Whatever your preferences are, always check if the rubber is high quality; riding with a set of poor quality wheels can be a safety hazard, since it’s much easier to fall when encountering any bump on the road.

The Brakes

It can be difficult to know how good are the breaks of an e-board unless you test it out yourself. The quality of brakes depends on your weight and the motor power of the skateboard. However, what you can do, is to read a lot of other people’s reviews.

This can offer much-needed insight into how well the electric skateboard performs. With that being said, bear in mind that it’s always a good idea to keep your foot ready in case you need to apply the emergency brake. Also, always remember that going downhill with a heavier and more robust e-board will prohibit your braking ability.

Riding On Rain

We all know that water and electronics don’t mix, so checking if your board is water-resistant, waterproof or neither can be critical. Many of them don’t come with enclosures that your e-board will be protected from the rain.

Moreover, only a few electric skateboards are 100% waterproof; some of them are water-resistant, but the majority are none of these things. It is important to mention, that there are companies which will replace your e-board due to water damage- so check if you are buying your board from them!

Other things you can do, if you take out your electric skateboard on a rainy ride, are drying your board after a ride; wearing proper gear; checking your remote control; finding a water seal, and avoiding puddles!

Best Skateboard For College Campus : Frequently Asked Questions

Before finishing, we’ll tackle some of the most frequently asked questions regarding electric skateboards.

What are the best electric skateboards and who makes the best skateboards?

Boosted, Evolve, Azbo, Teamgee & Maxfind.

Why do people use top rated electric skateboard?

These days, skateboards represent one of the easiest ways you can avoid traffic in a congested area. It’s like using an electric scooter, but it’s even lighter and takes up even less space.

Is bringing an electric skateboard allowed aboard planes?

You definitely won’t be able to bring it as a carry-on if it’s an electric skateboard, but you may have more luck with checking it in. Though, even this largely depends on the power of the motor and the battery capacity.

How do you control an electric skateboard?

If you’re wondering how you control the speed adjustment and the brakes, don’t worry. All-electric skateboards come with a remote control that you can use for such commands.

What is the best skateboard to buy?

We suggest Boosted electric skateboard worlds best skateboard brand.

Where to buy boosted electric skateboard?

From Amazon. Check Below Link.

Which boosted electric skateboard should i buy? Boosted electric skateboard price?

What’s the right size?

Seeing as most people have varying weight and height, you may not be able to achieve the same balance on every skateboard. Thus, you should look for a skateboard that’s the right size for your height; which is the prime indicator. The taller you are, the bigger the deck will need to be.

What’s the maintenance like?

When it comes to maintenance, don’t worry; you won’t have to do any of the stuff that’s related to the electronics. Though, just like with any other board; occasionally you’ll have to do something menial like greasing the wheels.

Where to buy the best skateboards / where can i buy electric skateboard?

We suggest Amazon to buy skateboards, because you can find here low priced and budget friendly.

What are the best skateboard brands?

After long researched we acquisition that “Boosted Electric Skateboard” & “Evolve” both are skateboard best brands.

Where to buy electric skateboard?

From Amazon.

Tips to Maintain Your Electric Skateboard

Final Thoughts About Best Skateboard For Commuting

As you may have gathered yourself, finding the best electric skateboard for college is not easy. There are quite a few aspects to think about, most of them about how you intend to use the board.

But when it comes to college commutes around the campus, you won’t need a too powerful board. Though, if you intend to use it for other stuff as well, think about getting something more versatile after all! Hope you will confident now choosing best skateboards for college commuting.

Some people say that electric skateboards will make a permanent impact on the way we see transportation in the coming years, and we hope that you’ve learned something new from your guide on how these devices work and what makes a good product. Feedback is always welcome, feel free to share it. Ride safely, folks.

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