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Good news for Disney Froze Cute Angels. Do you wants to be like Elsa and Anna, walking in the snow ? Or playing skates all around ? It is one of the Best Roller Skates For Kids. Then stay here. Because Play Wheels offering you Disney Frozen Kids Classic Quad Roller Skates. I am here to initiate with this amazing product. For the parents, I am saying your lovely daughter definitely going to love this gift by seeing at first time !

This is not just a skate but a sweet dream of your Little Sweet Angel which only Disney Frozen Kids Skates can fulfill. It is one of the best roller skates for kids which is smoothly children skates. This skates have auto adjustment features that allows the skate to be simply sized as your kid grows. Not believing that ?

Disney Frozen Kids Classic Quad Best Roller Skates Product Description :

This is Juvenile Quad Roller Skates fulfill your requirements as more than a toy. It comes with different sizes 1-4 and the great color combination – Purple, Blue, Violet. The wheels are made by the high quality polymer plastic and solid PVC. The bearings are genuine 608ZB will ensure you that Children can continue operate well over the season.

And finally, the Frozen graphics offer a funny look. It has Nylon Chassis. So do you wants to include any other requirements which are not in this skates ! For nylon chassis children skating hassle free. It is not, right ?

Each part of skates is made by using extensive knowledge. It is an imported product from china. It is especially suggested for ages 3 years and up to 7 years, for foot sizes of children’s 1-4. Then, get ready to order now.

Child Skating - Disney Frozen Quad Roller Skates

Let see how this product has become the Best Roller Skates For Angel –

Why Disney Frozen Classic Quad Roller Skates Is Best Roller Skates For Kids ??

  1. Plastic Buckles and Toe Cap
  2. Wheels
  3. Foam Padded Liner and Toe Brakes
  4. Binding Straps and Rear Brake

Lest go for the short overviews of this 4 points.

Plastic Buckles and Toe Cap :

  • It has plastic buckles in both upper and mid-top which makes the skate extra strong and durable.
  • Sliding Toe-cap used as a twist release size adjustment.

Wheels :

  • Wheels are making by Injected polyurethane with solid cores.
  • The wheel cover and narrow front profile prevent kids from falling down while riding with others.
  • It also has the lower center of weight load point and fixed wheel base. This makes the easiest ride for the beginner.
  • It made of Impact resistant Polymer Plastic Boot.
  • Made with 608ZB Bearings Solid PVC 54 mm x 32 mm wheels.

 Foam Padded Liner and Toe Brakes :

  • It has Aggressive styling Foam Padded Liner for trouble free ankle support.
  • Toe brakes provide a safe, easy to stop even in the rough surface area.

Binding Straps and Rear Brake :

  • It has got an excellent brake on both skates with enough extension to prevent back slipping.
  • Binding straps are just click-adjust on instep and ankle.

Child Skating - Disney Frozen Quad Roller Skates1

Now I Describe Here The Positive & Negative Things For This Disney Frozen Classic Quad Roller Skates …

Positive & Negative Things

Positive Sides Are :

  1. Lightweight.
  2. Fantastic Look.
  3. Auto Adjustable Size.
  4. Very Nice First Skate.
  5. Well Balanced Skate.
  6. Nice Shape.

Disney Frozen Positive Sides :

Lightweight :

  • Play Wheels Frozen style roller skates are Lightweight. It is only 5.7 pounds. Actually, I like to say your kid will not feel like she put on something like stone or iron in her legs.

Fantastic Look :

  • This product is an outstanding for its frozen style incredible graphic looks. Anyone will wish to purchase the product by seeing it first time.

Auto Adjustable Size :

  • The excellent part of the skates is the adjustable sizes from 1 to 4. This will fit perfectly the kids foot, if she put it on maximum size.

Very Nice First Skate :

  • It is best ever for the beginners who want to learn skating without any hardness.

Well Balanced Skate :

  • It is trouble free to adjust and put on. It helps the kid to balance properly with the straps and ankle support. The skate is pretty secure for your Angel & child skating hassle free.

Nice Shape :

  •  It has powerful construction. This are not rather big and not too much bulky also.



Disney Frozen Negative Sides :

  • You might feel slight narrow if the foot size is wide.
  • You might need to help your kid to unbuckle if it is hard.
  • Check straps if it is sloppy or insecure situation.


Final Verdict :

At last, before purchases please check with the product as I reviewed. I am confident you will feel affection for this product without hesitation. Moreover you will say, you have chosen the best roller skates for kids. So, no further look. This Disney Frozen Kids Classic Quad Roller Skates is the Best Roller Skates For Kids & one of the very best option for Children Skating.

So, are you ready for add to cart or order now ?? Or you have to know more about Please click below Button. Thanks For Reading. Happy Purchase!

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