Electric Skateboard Tips

How To Maintain Your Electric Skateboard Easy Tips & Tricks

Electric skates are very fun to use, but they also require regular maintenance in order to remain at the peak of their performance. Today we’re going to talk about some of the easiest and most convenient tips and tricks regarding electric skateboard maintenance.

Clean your e-skate thoroughly with a dry cloth

First and foremost, you should unplug your electric skateboard’s charging cable so as to avoid accidental electrocutions. You can wipe your skate’s casing and deck with either a completely dry or only slightly wet cloth. Obviously, you shouldn’t let any water into the skate’s housing, as it can severely damage the hardware and render your skate completely useless.

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Use your skateboard when the weather is good

Although this might sound more like a safety tip, using your skateboard in good weather conditions will actually do much in terms of its longevity. Namely, each electric skateboard comes equipped with a form of battery used to power it up.

The speed of the decline of your battery lifespan is determined by the weather conditions you are using your e-skate in. Most battery models are ideally used in the range of 10 to 30 degrees Celsius, and anything below or above it will significantly reduce the bat’s capacity.

Properly charge the battery

Most electric skateboard models aren’t typically fully charged upon arrival, which basically means that the first thing you want to do once you unpack it is to recharge the battery.

Now, if you want your batteries to last for as long as they can, you should always make sure that the charging process is complete 100%. Partial recharge will drain some of the battery’s lifespan.

Lithium batteries, which are sometimes called Li-Ion batteries can easily be recharged for any number of times and are considered as some of the most reliable ones. However, even Li-Ion batteries can get over-discharged, which basically correlates to the moment when they can’t be recharged anymore.

When you aren’t using your electronic skate, charge it every once in a while

Even if you don’t feel like skating you should still recharge its batteries every couple of weeks. You should do it at least for once in 20 days of not using the skate. The ‘standby’ time for recharge is significantly lower when you are actively using your electronic skate.

Check the hardware components before and after each use

It’s incredibly important that you perform regular maintenance in the correct order and not miss out on any step. Checking your electronic skate’s hardware before you use it is perhaps even more important than checking it afterward. Tighten any bolt that has become loose, check if the wheels are tilting, re-adjust the trucks, and most importantly, check the board for any cracks or dents. Boards are just as durable as the hardware even though they’re made of wood, and the good thing about them is that you will be able to easily spot any damage done in time.

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